Organic Fertilizer-AGRI – QATAR Lawn Starter

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AGRI – QATAR Lawn Starter

Heat Treated organic fertilizer for lawns consists of nutrients needed by the soil to create healthy grass plants(NPK+TE). Its helps plants withstand extreme cold & heat, drought and pests. It is partially responsible for the green turf color and helps foliage grow strong. It assists with the growth of roots and flowers and helps plants withstand environmental stress and harsh winters.

How to Use - Applying a Lawn Starter, our Lawn starter contain Stater Nutrient like NPK + Ca & Mg, this will help uniform Lawn Growth, Green Leaves and Improved water penetration. When seeding a lawn, prepare the soil first then the top layer you have to apply 20 Ltrs of Lawn starter to 01-meter square.

Where to Use-
Landscaping Lawns, Home Garden Lawns and Football Pitch.

Where Not to Use -
Trees, Landscaping plants, and Vegetable

How Often to Use -
Land Preparation Time 3 Month Intervals

Guarantee -
100% Organic, Weeds Free & Heat Treated

Coverage Area, Dosage & Application-
20 Ltr for 1M2